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Be Intentional. It’s Not About Luck.

Be Intentional ! It’s not about Luck.

BE INTENTIONAL! Since St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in March, we wondered how much luck it takes to get into college. Getting into college should be a thoughtful, intentional process. There are four main areas that most colleges consider when deciding whether or not to admit students: grades, college entrance exams (ACT or SAT), essay writing, and student involvements (leadership, sports, community service, work experience, etc.). We can help you get all of these areas in shape to successfully apply to the colleges that you chose to apply to!

What role does “Luck” play in College Admissions?

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Speaking of being intentional…

ACT and/or SAT: When, and Which One? Students should plan on taking these tests at least two times. It is recommended that students take these tests the first time no later than spring of their junior year so they can take it again in the fall of their senior year. This will allow students to earn the best score possible prior before submitting their college applications. How do you choose which test to take? Read this article to learn more about that.

Starting to seriously think about what it will take to get into college? Here are some college admissions myths that you should be aware of before you enter into the college admissions game.

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From Motivation Monday at ForwarDirections! Facebook Page:

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide
that you are not going to stay where you are.”
-J.P. Morgan


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