ForwarDirections – Educational Coaches / College & Career Planning

Our 7 Steps

ForwarDirections counselors guide and support students by using our Proven “7 Steps to Success” process.

Those include:

1. Figure out
who they are and what’s important to them.

2. Clarify a career path.

3. Identify majors, then colleges or other post-secondary paths that are academic, social, and financial fits.

4. Apply to college, which includes dealing with essay writing, completing forms, and meeting deadlines.

5. Investigate ways to pay for college, including seeking out and applying for scholarships and grants, and helping families complete the FAFSA.

6. Discern which college offer is best.

7. Smoothly transition from high school to college.


Interested in specifics?  Here’s how we help our ForwarDirections students and parents.


SAT and/or ACT

  • How to prepare
  • When to take these kinds of tests
  • Whether to take one or the other or both
  • Whether or not you should take a college admissions test again
  • Registration process

Financial Aid Issues

  • Help with the FAFSA
  • Financial literacy
  • Finding and applying for scholarships and grants
  • Pros and cons regarding work study
  • Discerning loan options

Coursework and Experiences Advice

  • High school coursework
  • School activities
  • Community service
  • Work experience
  • Internships

Career Path

  • Exploring student interests and passions
  • Selecting potential majors
  • Identifying college fits
  • Resume preparation

College Applications

  • Filling out applications (community college, UCs, Common App, etc.)
  • Essays
  • Early Decision vs. Early Action vs. Regular Decision
  • Dealing with deadlines
  • Discernment process based on offers


  • How to market yourself and your sport
  • Networking with college coaches
  • Navigating NCAA, NAIA and other sports federations
  • Finding the right athletic and financial fit for you
  • Accepting the best offer

Performing and Visual Artists

  • Highlighting your talents
  • Finding and choosing the right performing arts path
  • Audition and performance guidance
  • Navigating performing arts programs
  • Accepting the best offer

LGBTQ Students

  • Learn about queer friendly colleges
  • Highlighting your strengths in applications
  • Navigating your options
  • Finding a safe college environment
  • Accepting the right college fit

Avoiding the Summer Melt

  • Preparing for college
  • College checklists
  • Getting the right courses
  • Preparing for dorm life
  • Networking with the right people

Heading to College

  • Registration
  • Orientation
  • Housing
  • Living in community issues
  • Role of Social media

In College

  • Check-ins
  • Building your network
  • Academic strategies
  • Navigating college life: academics and social life
  • Networking for the future and social media