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Why Work With Us?


Your child’s college education will be one of the most expensive things you ever spend money on. It does not make sense to navigate the process through trial and error.
Instead, just like buying a house or investing, it makes solid fiscal sense to work with an expert:
  • to help you navigate the system,  
  • to get the biggest bang for your buck!
According to Forbes magazine, the average undergraduate college education costs at least $30,000 a year–and often times, much more. (provide link for that data: ) If your child can graduate in 4 years, it will cost, on average, about $120,000 to earn that degree. But take into consideration that the average student today takes 6 years to earn a degree. Now you are talking about $180,000.
It makes sense to work with an expert who can help you develop a plan to deal with your investment in your child’s education in the most cost-effective way!

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors?
  • Experienced Educators and Certified College Admission Counselors
  • Proven “7 Steps to Success” Process
  • Technology-based Service Delivery System
  • Facilitated Peer-to-peer Student Network
How Do We, as Experts, Save You Money?
  • We make sure your child applies to colleges that are an academic fit.  This means your child will find the appropriate level of rigor and the academic coursework that will set him/her up for success.
  • We make sure your child applies to colleges that are a social fit.  This means your child can be happy and thrive as both a person and as a student in that college’s environment.
  • We make sure your child applies to colleges that are a financial fitThis means your child will go into the application process with the cost in mind and knowing to pay for college.
Making decisions based on these “fits” mean that it is much more likely that your child will be able to succeed at the college of their choice and potentially graduate in a reasonable amount of time.

Those good decisions WILL SAVE YOU MONEY in the long run. In other words…




High school counselors are integral to your high school and after high school success. The role of high school counselors is different from an independent educational coach. However, most independent educational counselors work in partnership with school counselors to provide the best information to students.  Listed below are some of the differences between school counselors and independent educational coaches:

School CounselorForwarDirections Independent Educational Coach
Identifies student interests and future careers

Provides guidance to students in how to be successful in high school.

Provides year-to-year course selection based on student interests, college desires and future career.

Guides students towards graduation from high school.

College Selection
• Provide ideas about how to select a college
• Recommends college visitations
• May host college days on campus

College Applications
• Provide ideas about how to complete the college admissions application
• Provide the school transcript
• Provide letters of recommendation

• Provides lists of local and related scholarships
Identifies student interests and future careers

College Selection
• Guides the student in a college selection process
• Discusses options
• Guidance in how to visit a college

College Applications
• Review essays for college applications with the student. Suggest ways to improve the essay prior to submission
• Guidance in how to complete the college application
• Guidance in one-on-one college interviews

• Provides guidance in completing scholarship applications

Summer Before College
• Ongoing support for students as the prepare to attend college

First Year of College
• Ongoing support to ensure success in the first year of college
Serving students and their families since 2014.