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Why ?

Your Child’s Future Begins Now!

Why might you want to hire an independent educational coach? First, to provide your child with the right guidance to apply to the right colleges; Second to protect your investment in college.

How can you help your child to make the most of your investment in college?

At ForwarDirections, we help students and their families make the all-important college and career decisions that will put the student on the path toward success. Just as an athlete needs a solid coach, your student needs someone who knows the fundamentals and the “rules of the game” when it comes to entering college after high school or re-entering the educational system later in life. The ForwarDirections team consists of experienced professional educators and college admissions specialists. We know the game, and can give your student the tools they need to compete, and win.

Our educational coaches are constantly communicating with our students via email, texting, phone and periodic online meetings. Along the way, important life skills are discussed, such as time management, how to take notes in college, how to make friends, the use of social media and how to best communicate with others. Plus, each grade level of students form an interactive group that meet online to discuss all aspects of the college journey.

As a parent, you want to be sure that your son or daughter is prepared for that next step in their journey of life. You want to know that you have done everything you can to protect the investment you have made in their future. Be sure that journey is taking them where they need to be and moving them in a forward direction. Contact us today.

Research indicates the following:

  • Of all students in California, 40% graduate from high school with the requirements to attend a 4-year university (California Post Secondary Commission, 2009)
  • Of that 40% of California high school graduates, 30% apply and are accepted to a 4-year university
  • Of those that are accepted to a 4-year university, 30% never attend (and change their minds during the summer prior to the first year of college) (Summer Melt, 2014; Summer Melt Blogpost, 2013)
  • Of those that do attend their first year of college, 30% drop out in their first year of college and 40% of students do not finish a degree within 6 years (Hess et al, 2009; Pathways to Prosperity, 2011; California Post Secondary Commission, 2009)
  • The above statistics increase for African American and Latino students; and for students who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender – LGBT (2011, Unlocking Doors; LGBT College Statistics, 2013)
  • A greater number of students are applying to colleges every year.

In addition to the research, there are many reasons why you may choose to invest in an educational coach:

  • To navigate the complex decisions regarding the right college fit and then completing the college application process (most students apply to a minimum of 9 different universities or colleges) 
  • To assist in determining a future career or after high school direction
  • To guide you in selecting the right college fit, whether academics, financial, athletic or performing arts
  • To become part of a network of others seeking the same information so you can share and collaborate with others who are on the same journey
  • To receive expert guidance in choosing the right career or college
  • To have other caring adults who will guide you in the process of whatever you want to do next 

The term independent educational coach is synonymous with independent educational consultant or independent educational counselor.

High school counselors are integral to your high school and after high school success. The role of high school counselors is different from an independent educational coach. However, most independent educational counselors work in partnership with school counselors to provide the best information to students.  Listed below are some of the differences between school counselors and independent educational coaches:

School CounselorForwarDirections Independent Educational Coach
Identifies student interests and future careers

Provides guidance to students in how to be successful in high school.

Provides year-to-year course selection based on student interests, college desires and future career.

Guides students towards graduation from high school.

College Selection
• Provide ideas about how to select a college
• Recommends college visitations
• May host college days on campus

College Applications
• Provide ideas about how to complete the college admissions application
• Provide the school transcript
• Provide letters of recommendation

• Provides lists of local and related scholarships
Identifies student interests and future careers

College Selection
• Guides the student in a college selection process
• Discusses options
• Guidance in how to visit a college

College Applications
• Review essays for college applications with the student. Suggest ways to improve the essay prior to submission
• Guidance in how to complete the college application
• Guidance in one-on-one college interviews

• Provides guidance in completing scholarship applications

Summer Before College
• Ongoing support for students as the prepare to attend college

First Year of College
• Ongoing support to ensure success in the first year of college
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