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The 3 Big Issues

The 3 Big Issues

The 3 big issues and challenges of college and career planning are: finances, applications and essays, and choosing the right college. ForwarDirections addresses these issues through a multi-dimensional relational and customized approach.



Figuring out how to pay for college is a challenge. Financing college generally occurs through parent investments, school scholarships, school merit aid, government grants, general scholarships or student loans. We help each student to figure out the best way to finance college with minimal debt. The financial fit is one of the important aspects of finding the right college.



Completing college applications includes many steps including college entrance exams (SAT or ACT), completing the application to best highlight student achievements, and completing college essays. Many colleges require a minimum of three essays that allow students to highlight their scholarship, writing abilities and future plans. We guide students in every step of college essay writing including identifying the topic, writing to the prompt, and rewriting as needed prior to submission. 


On the front end, identifying the right colleges to apply to is important. At ForwarDirections we focus on the student first and then identify the right colleges for each student that are the right academic, social, and financial fits. We do this via our First Steps and Career Planning Processes. On the back end, after students receive acceptances, we help students analyze their options so they choose the right college through our discernment process. These guide students to make the right decision along with our overall 7 Steps to Success.