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Parent Info Night – Fresno – September 8


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Tuesday, September 8, 5:30-6:30.
Principal Financial Group, 1350 E. Spruce Ave. Fresno, CA

Families spend an average of $100,000 per child for four years of college. Are you wondering whether you have the right tools to help your child select and get into the right school? Are you concerned about how you are going to pay for your child’s education?

You will learn about applying to college from College and Career Coaches Rob Darrow and Carole Smoot, and how to finance college with ideas from Principal Financial Advisors Tony Palermo and Bob Gunning.  Plus, learn the advantages of having your child join the ForwarDirections network.

Carole Smoot and Rob Darrow bring together more than 70 years of educational experience to create ForwarDirections, a College and Career Coaching Network.  We help students and their families make the all-important college and career decisions that put the student on the path toward success.  At ForwarDirections, we are experienced professional educators and college admissions specialists who know the fundamentals and the “rules of the game”.  We give your student the tools they need to compete and win.

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