The Right Guidance for College and Career Success: Maximizing Your Educational Investment

We are a research-driven organization. The data below drives our work.

By the Numbers

California students who graduate from high school qualified to attend a 4-year college.
California students who apply to college.
Students accepted to college who never attend.
Students who drop out of college in their first year.
Students who finish a college degree in four years.
Students who finish a college degree in six years.

All of our steps and processes have been developed based on the best available research. For example, research shows that it is important to focus on individual students’ needs, because each student is unique. Research also shows that many college freshman struggle as they make the transition to a post-secondary setting, and therefore, the drop-out rate is quite high. As a result, we offer support services for students through their first year of college to ensure student success.

In addition, the training we received by earning a Certificate in College Admissions Counseling from the University of California, Riverside, has reinforced what the research shows and connected us to other experts in the field of College Admissions Counseling. Our coursework included:

  • The College Counseling Process
  • College Admissions Procedures
  • Analysis and Application of Effective Career Counseling Strategies
  • Financial Aid Planning for Higher Education
  • Professional and Ethical Issues in the College Application Process
  • Practicum in Counseling College-Bound Students

The research, our professional certification, and our combined 75+ years as educators guided us as we established ForwarDirections. We continue to research the latest trends related to College Admissions Counseling. Here are some of the tools and research we utilize.


Various colleges have different admissions and completion rates. ForwarDirections counselors work individually with each student to gain the greatest number of acceptances and so that student can graduate within 4 years. ForwarDirections has processes in place to ensure students make the right choice with intention and confidence.


Of those that are accepted to a 4-year university, 20% – 40% never attend (many change their minds during the summer prior to the first year of college). ForwarDirections has systems and processes in place to help students avoid the “summer melt.”.


Of those who do attend their first year of college, 30% drop out in their first year of college. ForwarDirections counselors support students during their first year of college to foster first year of college success.


ForwarDirections designed our program based on how students communicate today. We utilize texting, online meetings, phone calls, and online documents to guide students to find the right college fit.